Pre-Fourth Estate

I’m currently sitting in DWF International Airport, Gate E33, waiting for my flight to Los Angeles. I arrived in my usual fashion—a good hour earlier than needed. So I’ve been hanging out, hydrating and caffeinating and carb-loading, preparing for the next four days of my life: The Fourth Estate.


For the uninformed: Invisible Children, the nonprofit organization that is devoted to bringing LRA warlord Joseph Kony to justice (“KONY: 2012”), is hosting this activist leadership conference called The Fourth Estate Summit. Google it. I won’t waste your time trying to explain what the next four days will entail, because I don’t fully comprehend what’s going to go down (though I have the schedule memorized by heart, you know).


I haven’t slept well in days. I’ve been in a constant state of excitement and giddiness for the last 24 hours. And now, it’s finally here. I’m really about to board a flight to LA, and then I’m going to take a shuttle to UCLA, and then I’m going to check in at THE FOURTH ESTATE.


I’ll be blogging about this incredible experience—maybe nightly, maybe in one big post after the whole ordeal. We’ll be on a tight schedule and won’t have much time for sleep, let alone blogging, so we’ll see how I’m feeling. But for now: let this post mark the beginning of one four-day weekend that I imagine will have a huge impact on my entire life.


Peace out! Write again soon!


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